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Peace in the valley

Another song id like to record for my country gospel favourites album

Wings of a dove

This will be included on my album of Country Gospel favourites.
Again a home recorded cover using a backing track.

Precious Memories

My Country Gospel favourites album will be called Precious Memories,so I feel its very appropriate to include a cover of this classic on the album.
Currently I only have a home recorded track which I recorded using a backing track.

The Real Star of Bethlehem (duet with Sandi Kay)

Written with Erik Thorson back in the 80's this has been recorded by Susie McEntire among others. 

My Remember Song

Song dedicated to those families dealing with Alzheimers and dementia

Holy is the Lord

Written by Daryl Williams
Produced by Shane Roark and Rick Alan King
Recorded at Chapel Valley Studio

Holy is the Lor

Written by Daryl Williams
Produced by Shane Roark and Rick Alan King
Recorded at Chapel Valley Studio

We Have This Moment Today

Written by William J Gaither
Produced by Rick Alan and Lana D King
Music by Gary Prim
Recorded at Gorilla's Nest Studio/Chris Latham

Empty Nesters

I wrote this a  few years ago for my daughter who finally got the last one married. lol. With all my children and extended family, seems like someone is always moving in.  My daughter 's son married a very lovely girl.  She didn't think he was ever going to get married.  Now they have the empty best syndrome.  But as some of you may know, they keep moving back from time to time.  But we love them all and know we will still have a lot of good times together, We are fortunate to have a very close family and a God loving family.  Hope you enjoy the song.

Don't Lose Heart

This song I'm proud to say is still on the GMTC Charts.  It has been there since Jan, 2014. People relate to the message and it lends encouragement that even though things look really bleak and seem impossible, God is in control and he has a plan.  Hope I can get it over to this page lol.  

I Love Christmas

I really do love Christmas.  It's such a special time of year.  I always like to go to Christmas Eve Service.It sets the tone for the season. Christ came to earth for us.  Just imagine. I feel so unworthy sometimes, but so joyful of his gift of eternal life.

One Nation Under God

Our fore fathers fought for our freedom to worship and make a good life with God at the helm. However too many people have set on the fence afraid to offend that the people coming in want to take control and push God completely out. Christ died for us, we need to fight for him! Our future generations deserve better.

Make America Great Again

This song is meant to convey the message, if we stand together work hard and put God back in control, we can turn this run away train around

My Sweet Savior's Arms

I wanted this to be sung at my wife, Dottie's funeral, but didn't get it finished in time.

Satan Keeps Waitin'

Satan Keeps Waitin' - The devil won't give up even though he knows he's lost.

Ride for the Lord

Ride for the Lord - a Christian Country rocker about a circuit riding preacher in the old west. 

A Mother's Love

"A Mother's Love" The Wedding Feast at Cana was Jesus' first miracle.

I Come to the Garden Alone with Claude Davis

The wonderful hymn done bluegrass style featuring my friend, bass singer Claude Davis. 

I Never Found Jesus

This is a song title based on a sermon by our Pastor, Harry Yates at Nashville Cowboy Church. The song is the true story of how I was saved there. Praise Jesus. 

Remember Me

This is a song I wrote and recorded hope you enjoy and get a blessing.

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Margaret Anne's song, What A Friend We Have In Jesus, has been on Christian Voice Magazine's top 40 list since November 2010.

Weary Traveler

North American Country Music Association International  Adult Gospel Rising Star Award of the Year for the CD - Weary Traveler.

Precious One

"Precious One" is currently #16 on the Power Source Inspirational Country  Charts, # 31 on the PS Country Charts and is in the Top Ten nomination for Song of the Year for the 2015 ICM Awards Show.

He'll Take What's Left Of You

This song has really been a blessing to me.  It speaks volumes to my heart and I pray it will do the same for you...

Mercy River

Cross Pointe's song, "Mercy River" is a country styled song that tells a story about a man who came to the end of himself, but that's when God took over.
Hope you enjoy!
Cross Pointe

Time After Time

Cross Pointe's song, "Time After Time" was written by John Darin Rowsey, who has produced the last three projects for Cross Pointe. This is a rousing song about that this life is short, but eternity waits. There will be time after time!
Hope you enjoy listening!
Cross Pointe


Cross Pointe's remake of the Rascal Flatts song "Changed" is received very well in concerts when we sing it. We felt there should be a "southern gospel" sound from this popular country song.
Thanks for listening!
Cross Pointe

I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now

Cross Pointe's song, "I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now" was recorded in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the song since first recorded. We remaked the song in a style that we hope you enjoy!
Thanks for listening!
Cross Pointe

Wayfaring Stranger

Cross Pointe's song "Wayfaring Stranger" is often requested because it's well known and sung in the pre-Civil War haunting style.
Thanks for listening!
Cross Pointe

Turn Around

Title track to our soon to be released project called, "Cross Pointe "Turn Around".
Thanks for listening!
Cross Pointe


Who you gonna call when the going gets tough?  GOD is ALWAYS ready to heal save and deliver you, you just need to call.

He Loves You A Lot

Everyone needs to know just how precious they are to God and how much he loves them, no matter what.

The Present

Each and every day is God's special gift to you.  That's why they call it the present!


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